A success story in the can manufacturing industry

In making substantial improvements to belt life, Chiorino UK has recently found success in the can manufacturing industry.

Upon utilising the DG and T ranges (with both equipped with the HS rubber covers), our customer reported that the products played a key role in ensuring that the process of can rotation whilst being coated was completed in an efficient and precise manner.

This is further evidence of the fact that everything we create goes the distance, meaning that as much as 30% can be saved in overall costs. Some competitors’ products, on the other hand, fall short to high failure rates.

We believe that the difference in quality is partly down to three of our key company values: results, experience and innovation. Not only is Chiorino consistently confronting fresh challenges and hitting increasingly ambitious targets, but we are also steeped in 110 years of expertise. These two factors help us to develop new products and production processes.

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