Meet Alan Greig of Chiorino UK

Covering the whole of the United Kingdom and Ireland from our branches in Featherstone, Surrey, Birmingham and Northumberland, Chiorino UK now has over 50 employees. Each month we will be taking the time to get to know these a bit more:

How long have you been working at Chiorino UK for now?

26 years!

Can you summarise your typical working day?

To give you a short answer, my job is centred on producing the very best product possible.

In what way is the company different from anywhere else you have previously worked at?

We’ve always been willing and keen to advance our employees by helping them to build new skills.

On that subject, what are the three most important traits for an employee here to possess?

Customer product awareness, to work without supervision and be self-critical.

Which part of your role do you find the most enjoyable?

Trying to continually improve our products.

And finally, what is your favourite product of ours and why? 

I’d say the white Linaplus feeder belts, mainly because it took a long, long time to find something that worked. We finally managed to achieve that.