New products for food safety

With innovation right at the forefront of our company values, Chiorino has always been keen to assess emerging technologies and improve production processes to enhance what we can offer to our UK clients.

It should therefore come as no surprise that we have just brought out two new products for total conveyor belt food safety: the STL HP and LG soft HP surfaces.

We will outline each of these below:


A breakthrough for meat slicing and processing as it combines perfect product positioning and total cleanability, the STL HP surface texture possesses 100% hygiene attributes and absolutely no food contamination thanks to its rounded profile. This allows for food residuals to be easily washed away.

LG soft HP

Assuring high friction and complete hygiene, the LG soft HP surface’s longitudinal grooves result in a much healthier final product. This is due to the process fats and oils flawlessly being drained away.

To gain more of an idea as to how these two products can benefit your organisation, please get in touch with someone from our UK headquarters today by either calling 01977 691 880 or emailing