HP Compact range

Known as ‘the ultimate solution for food safety’, Chiorino’s HP Compact range assures total hygiene and is designed to resist even the most severe of cleaning and sanitising procedures.

Perfectly suitable for any application in compliance with the requisites needed by their use in a HACCP environment, the products also offer superior resistance to washing. This in turn saves time and water consumption.

Available in 2000mm width and ideal for self-tracking and z-conveyors, our HP Compact range – similar to all of our others – additionally boasts a long life and improved productivity thanks to its reduced maintenance costs and reliability.

These particular products were created after Chiorino assessed the performance of traditional, modular and homogenous belts and found weaknesses in their cleanability properties. Due to the way they have been made, our HP Compact belts are able to overcome the application limits of all three. Due to this factor they ultimately guarantee a perfect smooth surface, preventing any cracking that may lead to bacterial proliferation.

Feel free to watch HP Compact’s corresponding YouTube video here for more details on the above.

To enquire or gain more information about the range, please contact our UK team by either calling 01977 691 880 or emailing sales@chiorino.co.uk.