Food Duty line

Chiorino’s new Food Duty line of products was specifically designed to replace the existing PVC ones.

Ensuring better performances and greater hygiene, these thick polyurethane belts are food safe, carry zero risk of plasticiser extraction and have no issues with tricky oils and fats.

Because of their construction features they are ideal for heavy duty applications, and have fantastic resistance to cuts and abrasions. This consequently guarantees a long service life and great value for money. We believe that all of these factors set a high bar for the satisfaction of the customer’s needs.

More information on the above can be found by downloading our Food Duty line brochure. Its product feature video is also available on YouTube here.

If you operate in the meat, confectionary, dairy, baking or fruits and vegetables industry and want to talk through any of the above, please call 01977 691 880 or email