Meet Shaun Hainsworth, Internal Sales at Chiorino UK

Covering the whole of the United Kingdom and Ireland from our branches in Featherstone, Surrey, Birmingham and Northumberland, Chiorino UK now has over 50 employees. Each month we will be taking the time to get to know these a bit more:

How long have you been working at Chiorino UK for now?

Five years and six months.

What in your opinion are the three most important traits for a Chiorino UK sales person to have?

You need a positive attitude and confidence in the product you are selling. Above all, you need a flexible approach and to have a good head for problem solving.

Can you summarise your typical working day?

Responding to customers telephoned and emailed enquires with an optimistic attitude, arranging sales orders and providing technical assistance.

How do you go about supporting your clients?

We maintain professional and friendly relationships with our customers and like to hear any feedback they might have. We also keep a close eye on the quotes we send out and tend to follow up with a phone call to ensure we are involved with ongoing enquiries every step of the way.

It what way is Chiorino UK different from anywhere else you have previously worked at?

Every day is different. Every day you are guaranteed to come across new enquiries, new clients and ultimately new opportunities to develop the business.