Chiorino UK product saves client time and money

In reducing downtime and improving productivity for our client, Chiorino UK has recently had some great success with forming belts for the board industry.

Having supplied the 2M12 UO-U2 WA SP product material, we extended the lifespan of their existing belt by over two months. This meant that whereas it was previously set to last no more than six, now it is ready to go beyond eight.

As touched on already, due to our conveyor and transmission belts functioning both seamlessly and effectively on each and every occasion, the customer saved time and money.

We believe that this, alongside our most recent client success article, is testament to the quality of our tailor-made products. As always, it goes without saying that we were delighted to help in this particular case.

To find out how we can offer something similar to your UK organisation, please feel free to give us a call today on 01977 691 880.